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What color lipstick should redheads wear?

???What color lipstick should redheads wear?
dark colors light colors wont workWhat color lipstick should redheads wear?
Peachy glosses look hot for a natural look but if you want to look exotic and hot use daring red lipgloss.
u can wear red but i think if u wear a kind of pinkish reddish lip gloss it wud look great..

idk try it out or experiment wit color u think wud be nice

It depends on what tone you are really. I'd say most red haeads can get away with raisin shades, earthy browns and apricot. I'd suggest avoiding pink and berry shades. While you can wear red, you have to be extremely careful about which shade you pick, so get to your local makeup counter and do some experimenting. I find Dior do a great range of reds, the only colour I'm prepared to pay more for.
It really depends on your personal style and skin tone. Rules, schmules! I have red hair and pale skin with cool (blue/pink) undertones. I've been told stick to browns and earth tones but I don't like those colors on my lips and am self-conscious wearing those colors. I wear a dark pink lipstick from Lancome called Pink Eclipse and pink shimmer gloss also from Lancome called Pink Horizon. I have always gotten compliments on my lipstick shade because it matches my personality and my skin tones.

I'm almost 40 and if I listened to the so-called ';experts'; I wouldn't wear shimmer gloss or pink lipstick, but it works for me. Go with what suits you.
The red color by Lip Fusion looks really nice i thinks its called sexy(it comes in a set called perfect pout). My aunt and I both have red hair hers a little darker and more auburn mine a little blonder and it looked really nice on both of us. I cant say for sure about it's plumping properties as i only tried it once but the color was awesome.
Deep dark red, almost brown.
Earth tones
My best friend uses dark red and she looks beautiful. Any shade of red looks great on a red head :)
you can wear any color, it just depends on the rest of your makeup. well...i would stay away from anything with orange in it...
Go with lipsticks that have a bit of gold in them. You are on the warm side of the color spectrum, so you can use reds and oranges to your liking as well as nudes ( I would go with light nudes, not dark) but using light and dark golds and brozes can make you glow like a goddess. Try them out and dab a little bit of gloss in the middle for an extra seductive shine. Have fun.

Whats your favorite color of lip gloss or lipstick ?

I like dark brown lip gloss.Whats your favorite color of lip gloss or lipstick ?
cocoaWhats your favorite color of lip gloss or lipstick ?
wine tones for me!
i think that it totally depends on your skin color and hair color. for paler, redheads (like me) i think that lipgloss that is clear with gold sparkles (instead of silver) works a lot better, including lip gloss that is sort of the same tone as your skin. for people with darker skin...maybe people who tan better....silver sparkles works well..
i love pink and peach tone lip gloss/rouge! not really a fan of lipstick, but i dont mind more of a nude tone lipstick as well...
Dark brown is okay, I guess. I'd prefer a not-so-dark red or a pinkish one.
Sparkling Revlon lipgloss!
light pinks, clear, sparkly/shimmery pinks,
I love lip gloss! I'm not much of a lip stick girl because it always wears off fast and leaves my lips looking funny. My favorite is clinique super balm in mango. My close second is vita gloss 2 O by bonne bell in sheer raspberry.
PEACH! ( ;
I like pink, either dark or light, or a vanilla color,
I like pink/light pink lip gloss and has to be shiny. =P
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in clear Minty
light pink=]
Arboone. carrys some very nice lip gloss. but it is hard to find some one that sells it. you may not even have Arboone in your area.
I like the About Face Prep and Plumb in Tango by Arbonne.It has a lip conditioner on one side, and the color/plumper on the other! Fabulous!
bronze, golds, pinks, berries
i like sheer pinky peachy gold lipgloss colour for every ocasion. A brite, blue-based red lipstick is my fave shade for lippy.
gotta be sparkling cherry!
i dont wear lipstick, but when i wear lipgloss its usually clear, light pink, or a nude color
I like Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss in Amber. It's kinda a peachy nude color
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  • Would it be ok to sell slightly used lipstick at a yard sale?

    do you think someone would buy it? and if yes how much should i charge? 25 cents???Would it be ok to sell slightly used lipstick at a yard sale?
    Yeah, as long as you haven't had any diseases then there is no problem.

    If a person bought a product, used it, and got a rash or something, its their own fault as they should have enquired if the make up was used.Would it be ok to sell slightly used lipstick at a yard sale?
    It'd be alright if you didn't have a cold sore or herpes when you used it. 25 cents is okay, it depends on how much your lipstick cost anyway.

    If you really want to be nice, wipe your lipstick w/ a towel w/ rubbing alcohol on it, or dip it in a small amount of rubbing alcohol to get rid of any bacteria.
    You can sell anything you want at a yard sale. That's the beauty of it. Plus there are lots of people out there that can't afford to have makeup or anything. They might love it. Keep it under a cover or garage or something because it will melt fast. Have a fun sale.
    Yahh you could fake it if you wanted to. I'd sell it for about 25 cents like you said. Make it look like it wasn't used though.
    Well used makeup is the only thing you can't legally sell used on ebay, so I would take that as a cue.
    hopefully it wasn't too ';used';, but yes, someone would buy it for a quater or possibily 50cents!!!
    No. That's ridiculous. Throw it away.
    Cut the tip off and make it 50 cents. If no one buys it its no big deal... its 50 cents.
    Man, why even botha?

    Stop spreading herpes and just throw that stuff away.

    eeeewwwww no way!!! please don't!!!!!
    if it looks new i guess

    What does it mean when a girl puts lipstick on during a date?

    Any significance to this? Some nights my date puts on lipstick while we are driving to dinner. Can't this be done at home before the date, or is she sending signals.What does it mean when a girl puts lipstick on during a date?
    You must be new to the dating scene. Women put on lipstick all the time, and often after dinner. It's simply something they like to do, and lets them check themselves out in the mirror, to see that they are still looking good.

    They often lose some lipstick, when eating, using a napkin etc, so they like to freshen their look up.

    It doesn't mean anything. It's just a woman thing.

    There are times, depending on the lady, when a gal will put on lipstick, and let their tongue, go all over their lips. If they are looking into your eyes when they do it, then she is sending a signal, that she likes you.What does it mean when a girl puts lipstick on during a date?
    I don't like lipstick. Putting red-colored grease on your lips does not make a woman attractive to me. I prefer women who don't wear lots of makeup.
    Her lips are this case it's probably becuase she was running late and didn't want to keep you waiting so she put it on in the car.
    I think shes signaling that she thinks she needs more lipstick on before you arrive at where ever your going.

    You know, some times you can think this stuff to death. Try to just enjoy yourself.
    maybe she got late on you and she wants to b cute for u..

    don't go far with these stupid ideas..
    she wants 2 look cute 4 u. or maybe she wants 2 get closer. how about when she puts it on u tell her it looks great on her. either that or a regular makeup session.
    it doesnt mean your getting laid , if thats what your asking
    it means she needs more lipstick.. lol theres no significance not for me at least
    It means your not getting any head til after she eats!!!


    KISS KISS KISS!!!!!!!!!!!


    She just ate and needs to reapply
    she just wants to look nice and have her lipstick fresh for when you two arrive at your destination
    If she does it right in front of you that means that shes wanting you to notice her lips. Of course it can be done at home, but like I said, some girls want you to notice their lips.Yes some people may say, '; She forgot'; and so on, but when your about to go on a date, why on earth would you forget to put lipstick on??? Thats crazy!
    unsecurity and worried about her looks not from you....

    a beautiful woman doesnt need lipstick to feel bettr about her self image
    No. dont think of it as a signal. that probably means she just 4got to put lipstick on.
    She is about to present herself to the public audience on your arm, she want to look as nice as possible.
    You're reading too much into it - she just has her makeup routine like most girls do, that's all.

    Tube of lipstick won't twist up so I can use it. How can I get at the lip color, besides?

    lip brush? Idk what happened to mess it up.

    Thanx for thinking about this!Tube of lipstick won't twist up so I can use it. How can I get at the lip color, besides?
    Mail it to the manufacturer with a polite letter explaining that it doesn't work. They will almost surely send you at least one new lipstick. Maybe more. Maybe a gift certificate.Tube of lipstick won't twist up so I can use it. How can I get at the lip color, besides?
    You can use a lip brush, but if you don't have one, you can also use a Q-tip.
    you are stuck using a lip brush
    since you have to be dificult %26amp; not use a lip brush then use a qtip.
    it must have gotten hot and melted a little. What is your aversion to a lip brush ? How else will you get it out ? If you have long nails I guess you can scoop it out with your pinky nail.
    This is going to be tricky but here is what you do:

    Go to a drug store or where ever and get a little container (like the size of 1 contact lens case) they sell them near makeup for this reason.

    You are going to have to scoop the lipstick out with a q-tip or nail file into the container for keeping. Then it's all up to the lip brush from there.
    That has happened to me before with my favorite lipstick. I was very disappointed. Sorry but the only thing you can do is use a lip brush. :(
    was u bored when you thought of this one stick your finger it lol lmao
    OMG stop everything. We have a real crisis here!
    use a cotton bud or a lip brush
    stick ur finger in there and rub it on ur lips

    or buy a new one?
    Q-tip or fingertip. Otherwise, you're stuck with the lip brush choice.
    Get a lipstick brush and stick it in there.

    It's not going to ruin it anymore then already is.

    Or buy another one
    use it like a tin of carmax or use a qtip
    A lip brush or a Q-tip.
    Girl, all you have to do is use a Q-tip. Swirl the Q-tip around onto the lipstick and apply it to your lips the same like a charm!
    Well I would say your right... either a brush or your pinky... a little messy though, if it's a new tube you could always try to pull the whole thing out and stick it in an old tube that does work??? Just an idea.
    poke it with a stick
    You could use a q-tip. You can also use the end of the lip brush or q-tip (remove the cotton first) to scoop out the lip stick and put in an old lip balm thing. I usually transfer the lip stick into something else when that happens.

    Is it normal for my dog's lipstick to be showing (mostly around other dogs) or should it be covered?

    Your dog has lipstick? Wow! It's spoiled! Mine only has collars and leashes.Is it normal for my dog's lipstick to be showing (mostly around other dogs) or should it be covered?
    its totally normal.

    even if dogs are fixed it comes out (some people thinks it goes away if its fixed)

    but yeah just make them stand up then sit them back down.

    icall it lipstick too!

    and if its my friends dog i will go ';meaghan someone came out and wants to play!';


    add: LOL love is a working dog!Is it normal for my dog's lipstick to be showing (mostly around other dogs) or should it be covered?
    I didn't know that dogs wore lipstick, what shade is it as I may want to get my females same color. Does she have nail polish to match, where did you find it.

    For all of those who don't know what that thing is called it is a PENIS not lip stick, I for one wouldn't want to run it over my lips.
    LIPSTICK? Do you mean penis?

    He's a randy little thing. Yeah it's normal, for oversexed dogs. I'm guessing he's not castrated, although uncastrated dogs can have it hanging out a lot too.

    His ';lipstick'; shouldn't always be showing; if it is, it may be stuck. A little vaseline can help you slide it back in.

    Otherwise, it's normal. He's just excited.
    I wish my dogs could wear a nice shade of red lipstick, but they are both males and if the neighborhood dogs saw them like that, they would not have any doggie friends lol...
    Why do you keep asking this? We've answered you time and time again. Why are you so obsessed with the state of your dog's wang?
    its fine my dogs comes out all of the time. lmao i call it a lipstick too!!! haha

    Is Palin a pitbull or pig with lipstick?

    I am confused. Is Palin a pitbull or pig with lipstick?
    Not sure but iI will tell you this, she is not someone I want running this country.Is Palin a pitbull or pig with lipstick?
    now i usually don't do this, but this time i will defend this lady. im not a republican or a dem, but that woman is a lady. my opinion is that she is neither. i think that instead of you taking this opportunity to have a healthy debate about political views, you make a question about something out of context. why would i leave a comment if i thought that you're question was ridiculous??? well to maybe spark something of worth to Y!A. but you should work on the question, and make one that can cause a good debate on here.
    That is because you are a liberal and you really have no idea about anything at this point, so you refer to a subject you can somewhat understand. Lipstick and Pig, because Finance, Economy, and anything else that requires an IQ, is beyond your scope.
    neither and Jonas, doesn't late term abortions qualify as abortions? which Obama supported then didn't support and now can't make up his mind on other than saying he is pro choice?鈥?/a>

    this link has quotes on obama voting against regulations on full term partial birth abortions, which a full term abortion is considered murder since the child has a heartbeat and is born and left to die.

    I am pro choice to an extent but partial birth abortions done full term are just wrong.
    If she wasn't a pit bull I don't believe Bill Clinton would have bragged on her political capabilities on Good morning America the other morning when he was interviewed over the housing crisis,he said himself that a lot of the people were under estimating her.
    choice B;鈥?/a>
    She's a female George Bush who wants to lead the country in two internatioal wars but she just got her first passport two years ago. Basically,a joke.
    I think you misunderstood the statement, but that's ok, it' just a democrat thing.
    A pig, but she has never actually been called that.
    Palin is a pitbull when it comes to politics.

    I'm the pig with the lipstick.
    No,No,No, she's a hockey mom running for vice-president.
    What she's not is a decent VP Candidate. I bet McCain is ruing the day he picked her. Who led his vetting team anyways? Rush Limbaugh?
    She is Human. Or a homo sapien sapien. Why am I getting thumbs down for stating a provable fact?
    who cares, if she saw either one, she'd have it killed.

    Obama 08- because he doesnt believe in murder
    She is a very smart woman and your next vice-president.
    Don't make fun of people for being different than you, no matter what social group they come from.
    Ahhh, you're just jealous cuz our candidate is attractive and has some class.
    Nope-neither. A real sharp and capable woman.
    she is a gorilla with lipstick
    an oinker definetly
    a f*cking bad *** with a gun that will kill sombody if they say other wise
    She's a pig
    She's a sign of the Apocalypse
    A loser.
    Ask Biden after she mops the floor with him.
    Awww, dumb as dog**** not a choice?
    she is a female pitbull,






    it is neither. it is a pitpig with attractive hair
    both put together
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